Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Posting

We just got back from visiting my relatives in Sweden. We had a wonderful time with them and their friends. This is the second time we have been to Sweden and we found it just as beautiful and the people just as gracious and wonderful as on our first trip there. Once again, my cousins and their families were welcoming and made us feel right at home.

 The coasts (either the west or east coast) are sprinkled with  charming coastal villages, I loved walking around admiring the Swedish houses, the lovely flowers and the shops with Swedish linens and fashions. I'm hoping that the long tunic tops and leggings , which I saw worn by women of all shapes, sizes and ages, gets to the United States. I could kick myself for not getting a couple of Victorian looking tunic tops in a store called Joy in Goteborg. They were beautiful, why did I hesitate?  There is also a wonderful furniture shop on the west coast that I would love to go back to as soon as I win the lottery. In fact, I like the Swedish design style so much the decorating magazines were the one item I most wanted to purchase and bring home with me.

The cities of Goteborg and Stockholm are international cities where you can get anything you can possibly think of from around the world. The people are wonderful, most people know English and are very helpful and friendly. The food was fresh and delicious.  I brought some recipes back with me and hope to duplicate them here at home.  Sweden makes it very easy for English speaking visitors to find their way around as signs are usually in English as well as Swedish.

If anyone is wondering where to visit next, see Sweden.


  1. Great post Jan! You sure make it inviting and I for one would love to go! We do have Swedish background, as well as Irish, Pennsyvania Dutch, Welsh, Norwegian and German in our ancestry. Looking forward to you posting some of the recipes! Really enjoy hearing about foriegn countries...

  2. Come on Jan...gotta write some more or post some photos or share some recipes!!